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that brought much of japan to a stand still. >> the government declared a part of tokyo. >> and five nuclear reactors now in trouble. earlier one reactor was causing concern, but now states of emergency have been declared in others. and there is a cooler system knocked out as well. the united states is rushing in generators to help with the power loss. radiation levels outside one plant are surging and are eight times the normal level. pressure is also and the plant is releasing slilgtly radio active vapors in the hope of averting a possible full on melt down. but it's a serious situation. >> and all right. we want to move on now. we -- the coast guard is searching for a man swept out to sea near crescent city before we get to that. and there is a state of emergency having been declared in santa cruz harbor. there is video now just moments ago. and this is how fast that is going. and and several officials were advising the public to evacuate. governor brown declared an emergency for four california counties. the earthquake tsunami brought surging water to san mateo and j
. as the nuclear crisis plays out, the search continues along coastal japan for survivors of the 9.0 quake and monster tsunami. volunteer fire fighter has been working day and night. he returned home for the first time since the disaster. >> my wife, my son's family and my grandchildren. i lost them all. >> there may be damage to all three vessels at the plant. and the uranium may be melting down. u.s. orders all americans living within 50 miles to evacuate. four times larger than the area officials deemed safe. >> it's not about the quality of information but standards set by the nuclear regulatory commission here in the united states. and the kind of advice it could be giving should this happen in the united states. >> the last resort to manage this crisis would to be bury the reactor and 5,000 tons of concrete like was done at the chernyobl melt down. >> financial markets plunging over the crisis, stocks erased nearly all gains for the year. the dow fell about 2% of the value today. worst drop since last august. the nasdaq and s and p are also down. markets in japan have just opened for
is why the u.s. is sending a high pressure pump. >> all u.s. citizens in japan should continue to monitor situations and follow guidance of the u.s. and japanese governments. >> inside of the plant 180 workers at great right after this tok their lives are being reroe tated in and out of the danger zone. outside thousands are being evacuated. >> the government told us we're safe, this man says, so for this to have happened i'm shocked. the u.s. state department's first chartered plane left japan, they're trying to bust 600 americans from sendai, unable to leave because of damage, and blocked roads. >> and an idaho man in the plant when the quake hit is sharing his story. chris hope, seen here on the right is now home, safe and friday he was at the plant. he says cracks appeared in the building and doors just would not open. and co-workers made it outside. >> cracks were opening at the ground. i looked and glass is breaking. lights. sirens. people screaming. >> the group headed uphill to a meeting spot missing the tsunami by minutes. he spent two minutes in a camp. then used back roads to m
this nation is about radiation exposure. diana alviar, abc news, japan. >> and another concern in japan, a serious shortage of food, water and fuel in the areas devastated by the quake and tsunami. officials put the death toll at 3300. they fully expect it to top 10,000. at this point, more than 450,000 people are living in temporary shelters. emergency teams from around the world are in the region right now assisting in the search and rescue effort. so far though, they have found no signs of life. >>> japan's nuclear issues raise the issue of how well california's plants could deal with a earthquake. they have two nuclear power plants. one in san diego and one in san louis obispo. both are considered extremely vulnerable to major quakes because they are on the coast line where a number of faults are located. just days before the japan quake, ten state lawmakers sent a letter to the u.s. department of energy detailing their concerns. governor brown said today the government needs to take a bigger role regulating the state's nuclear activity. >> where is the best place to site a nuclear
industries. central bank in japan pumped $184 million in money markets. >> the nuclear plant is raising questions after that third explosion. abc 7's mark matthews is here with details. mark? >> reporter: nuclear engineers are telling me it's good news the plant is holding together as well as it is, considering the earthquake was much bigger than what reactors were designed to withstand. but still a quarter million people living near the plant have been evacuated. after the earthquake and tsunami, the world is watching another phone shall disaster. a second explosion at the plant that rat yeld officials at the white house, raising fears of a massive melt down. >> at this moment it's important that all of us join together providing help that we can in days and months still to come. >> japan has now asked for that help, and insisting they're handling it. >> this is under control. but we have to watch out. >> two reactors had partial melt downs. the hot nuclear core said to be intact. but with no electricity, japanese are pumping in sea water, flooding containment housing. >> i think the -
are struggling this evening to restore electricity to that damaged nuclear power plant in japan. the plant operators hope to restart the cooling system to bring this under control. a cloud of smoke rose from two buildings at the plant. officials say there is no increase in temperatures or radiation levels. japan suspended shipments of mill skpk other leafy vegetables after authorities detected radiation exceeding the limit in producing. >> governor brown took a message to you tube, urging voters to appeal to state representatives to vote for the plan. >> this is a matter of we the people taking charge, and voting on the most-fundamentallal matter that's affect all of our lives. so let me know. let legislatures know. would you like a chance to cast this vote? or would you feel it's appropriate to shut out the people of california? >> last week lawmakers agreed to millions in spending cuts but brown st not have enough republican support, needs two republican votes in each house and so far, republicans are not budging. >> we're focusing on rebuilding california's economy. and getting it start
rods in japan to catch on fire. this is a piece just like those found in japanese reactor cords. hotter than it could ever get inside of the core. and if this burnt, nuclear fuel would send huge amounts of radioactive part cells into the atmosphere. >> worse to have it on fire. the fire, smoke becomes a way to spread material inside. >> the test proved the rods, while suffering some damage works not catch on fire. and there is another layer of protection, pools of water and chernyobl had graphite autographite and coal can burn violent f you have a fire this is distributing radioactive part cell autos japanese reactors, if the water cooled and moderated core. there is nothing burned in there. >> the results of the water samples gathered today will take days for them to analyze. they should be in next week. >> and red cross says it's collected $64 million in donations for victims in japan. $2 million coming in through text donations from cell phones, today, senator boxer called on p pps to send those donations to the relief organization. and this is after a law student discovered his dona
area. we'll have that story. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> japan's crippled power plant perhaps had its bigger breech yet. and workers had to be rush forward medical treatment. and there is now fear if workers have to abandon the plant a full scale melt down will occur. >> once evacuated they'll melt downs are inevidentable at three sites leading to a tragedy that is far beyond that of chern yobl. >> sailors on uss ronald reagan have washed down the deck of the carrier. >> and there is a new study linking anemia to post menopausal women to poor nutrition. this is whit looks enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body finding post menopausal women have a 21% greater risk of anemia if they didn't get enough iron, folate or red meat in their diets. >> and he was one of the influential clothing designers of the 20th century bringing the style of spain to everyone who wore his designs. now a major retrospective of balenciaga's work opens up at the deyoung museum. >> he was a legendary designer, perhaps the most influential of the 20th cen
hurt. no live stock is hurt. >> let's take a look at japan. they have earthquake and tsunami and radiation. and what would you rather this? >> this afternoon residents began cutting what may become one if the county approves. the county bigs two weeks before clearing the main road above. and with rain coming this, work today is a race against time. >> worst case this is a fire fire break for the summer. >> and there is a live picture of the shid. a representative looked at the road but haven't passed judgment whether cars will be able to go through there or not. there is another point clarified is that they said two weeks work. the county will take a look at that slide, and he wants to map out where the problem zones are and to find out how stable it s indications are that it is not stable, and they won't begin work until it is stable. the rain storms coming, stability will take a while. abc 7 news. >> wayne, massive job there. thank you very much. jand patel is here on a look at what we can suspect with the next series of storms. >> there is storms possible in the next 48 ho
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9